Wind Energy

The Irish Wind Energy Market

Wind generation was the second largest source of electricity generation in Ireland in 2014 after natural gas and its share is set to increase in coming years. The Republic of Ireland government has set one of the most ambitious in the world of having 40% of electricity generated from renewables by 2020*.

Ireland is an exceptional location for wind energy projects as it benefits from some of the best wind resources in Europe, with the prevailing winds coming from the southwest, directly from the Atlantic Ocean.  As an island, Ireland depends on fuel imports for a large share of its energy needs.  Harnessing the wind resource in Ireland to produce electricity saves an estimated €200 million per year in fossil fuel imports.  The Irish wind energy sector also contributed to lowering the carbon emissions from electricity generation by 49% since 1990*.

* – Source: Energy Ireland Yearbook 2016

Sources:   Irish Wind Energy Association, IWEA

Wind Energy

Key facts and figures

  • 242 The total number of wind farms in Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • 3,174 MW Total Installed Wind Energy Capacity in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  • 2,063,100 Number of Homes Powered Equivalent in Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • 21% Percentage of Ireland’s electricity demand met from wind in 2015.
  • 3,263,697 Potential CO2 reductions in tonnes p.a. from wind farms installed in Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • 3,400 The number of jobs currently being undertaken in the Irish wind energy sector

Sources:   IWEA

Wind Energy

Wind Energy