Focused on developing, constructing and operating onshore wind assets in the Republic of Ireland, Invis Energy recognises the fundamental importance of implementing sustainability related considerations to achieve our long-term business objectives.

The term “sustainable” does not only mean the climatic and environmental benefits that the business creates but also focuses on social responsibility towards local and other stakeholders as well as a long-term and professional governance.

In everything we do at Invis, we have a comprehensive approach to all sustainability matters, and something we are looking to continuously evolve and improve. Our sustainability goals that we have set ourselves and measure ourselves against are as follows.


Sustainability Goals

  • Build sustainable, durable and efficient assets
  • Respect and foster the natural habitats around our projects
  • Minimize our use of non-sustainable sources of fuel across our operations
  • Promote responsible development of new projects
  • Work with local communities around our projects
  • Meet highest H&S standards
  • Promote excellent employment standards
  • Treat customers fairly and responsibly
  • Promote new, industry shaping partnerships
  • Treat our business partners fairly
  • Uphold highest ethical standards with third parties
  • Deploy robust systems and processes to manage our business operations


We have actively participated in the GRESB infrastructure assessment since 2016. GRESB is the global leading reporting framework for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) evaluation. This contains criteria regarding environmental responsibility, social responsibility and human rights.