Onshore wind power generation is beneficial to the environment, as a clean, sustainable alternative to electricity generated using fossil fuels.

Our operational wind farms represent annual savings of 227,303 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

As part of the development of any new wind farm project that we undertake, we carry out a thorough Environment Impact Assessment to fully identify and understand any potential issues relating to wildlife and local ecosystems. This then allows us to mitigate these issues to the greatest extent possible when developing and constructing our wind farms.


Community Engagement

As part of every Invis Energy wind farm development, we place great emphasis on engaging with the local communities within which we operate, at all stages of the process.

We undertake extensive consultation in order to ensure that all local issues and concerns are recognised and that local people and businesses benefit from our projects.

Our wind farm developments can benefit local communities through:

  • Direct and indirect employment
  • Improved local infrastructure
  • Greater education around renewable energy sources
  • Local sponsorships and community project support
  • Helping to ensure the security supply to the local area and Ireland as a whole

Health & Safety (H&S)

Invis Energy places the H&S of its employees and sub-contractors at the very top of its list of priorities.

We are fully committed to maintaining the highest level of safety at our sites to attain our zero-accidents objective. We are fully compliant with the various relevant Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Legislation, statutory provisions and codes of best practice.

We are constantly reviewing our health & safety management systems, processes and tools and staff are trained and committed towards identifying and eliminating risks through continuous auditing and reporting.