About us

Key business facts

  • 223 MW asset portfolio in operations and advanced construction
  • Development pipeline of over 350 MW that will deliver further growth to Invis Energy
  • Experienced In-house operations company, WFSO, manages all operational, technical and financial aspects of sites to optimise performance
  • 150,000 homes powered by our portfolio of assets
  • 227,303 tonnes of CO annual emissions savings from our portfolio’s electricity generation
About us

Who we are

Invis Energy is one of Ireland’s leading independent producers of electricity from onshore wind.  Invis Energy is a leading independent onshore wind business established in 2011 as a joint venture between funds managed by Asper Investment Management Limited and the Craydel Group. The partnership unites Craydel’s recognised track record and technical expertise in developing renewable energy projects and Asper’s financial strength and experience in delivering significant European renewable energy investments. The company has successfully built an asset portfolio of over 223 MW and has a development pipeline of over 350 MW. Invis Energy was founded with the aim of taking advantage of Ireland’s exceptional natural wind resource. The company’s vision is to be at the forefront of Ireland’s drive to deliver large-scale, cost-effective, clean and sustainable energy, while at the same time supporting the Irish economy and Irish business. Invis Energy is today one of Ireland’s largest independent wind producers with approximately 11% of the country’s installed wind capacity. Benefiting from a strong local presence with headquarters in Lissarda, County Cork, Invis Energy has developed close working relationships on both a national and local level to bring its pipeline of assets through to successful operation.